Democratic National Convention Day 4 - July 28, 2016

The fourth day of the 2016 Democratic National Convention is a day with many firsts. It is the first time a woman has been nominated as the presidential candidate of a major party in the United States. It is the first time the wife of former president is contesting in a presidential election. It is also the first time an openly transgendered American is speaking at a major-party convention.

However, unlike the colorful second day and the spirited third day (where we most notably learned that Sen. Tim Kaine carries four harmonicas around), Day 4 of the convention focused more on family, empathy, and the spirit of togetherness, as over sixty speakers took to the stage in the six hours leading to Hillary Clinton making her acceptance speech.

Among the highlights of the evening was Sarah McBride, the first transgendered American to speak at a major party convention. Ms. McBride, the National Press Secretary of the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, spoke about the continuing struggle that the LGBTQ community faces in trying to achieve the right to “live openly and equally.”

“For me, this struggle for equality became all the more urgent when I learned that my future husband, Andrew, was battling cancer. I met Andy, who was a transgender man, fighting for equality and we fell in love. And even in the face of his terminal illness — this 28 year-old — he never wavered in his commitment to our cause and his belief that this country can change. We married in 2014, and just five days after our wedding, he passed away.” – Sarah McBride

Former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, among the handful of speakers who spoke about immigration, argued that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s immigration plans will destroy families and communities, and that the Democratic Party must protect these unrepresented community “for we are our brother’s keeper.” His sentiment was echoed by Rep. Joaquin Castro of Texas, who went on to draw parallels between Mexican and Irish immigrants, and the subsequent success the latter had in modern America.

“They work in the hot sun. They put food on our tables even though they often have little for theirs. They build, repair and clean our homes. They take care of our children when they have no one to care for their own.” - Antonio Villaraigosa

“In 1922, the only grandparent that I would ever know, came to Mexico, came to the United States from Mexico. She wasn't a rapist or a murderer. She was a six-year-old orphan. But as a girl, she walked past storefront signs that read "No Dogs or Mexicans Allowed." Her life wasn't easy. And she didn't always feel welcomed, but she never stopped believing in America's sacred promise that her sacrifices would be rewarded with opportunity for herself and her family. She kept up her part of the promise by working her whole life: babysitting, cooking, and cleaning houses. And the fact that her grandson is standing here on this stage is proof that America kept its promise too.” – Joaquin Castro

Minority Leader of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo, minister Reverend William Barber and Governor of Colorado John Hickenlooper received some of the biggest cheers of the night, outside of the keynote speakers in the final part of the evening.

“We are being called, like our mothers and fathers, to be the moral defibrillators of our time.” - Reverend William Barber

However, former Governor of Michigan Jennifer Granholm’s playful speech was arguably the most entertaining of Day 4, judging by the deafening roars of laughter of the delegates. The small pockets of protesters outside the Wells Fargo Center probably heard it too (a few may have even rushed inside in the off chance it was Bernie who was speaking). Gov. Granholm mocked Mr. Trump repeatedly during her speech, and even paraphrased the Constitution, the protest hymn “We Shall Overcome", John Kennedy’s Inaugural Address and the lyrics of Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain” to poke fun at Mr. Trump.

“Imagine Donald Trump’s version of the Constitution: I, the person, in order to form a more perfect union...Or centuries later, “I, shall overcome.” Or, ask not what I can do for my country, ask what my country can do for me! Donald, Donald, you’re so vain. You probably think this speech is about you. Don’t you now?” - Jennifer Granholm

Former Reagan administration staffer Doug Elmets, and Jennifer Pierotti Lim, co-founder of Republican Women for Hillary, meanwhile, announced that they will both be voting for a Democrat for the first time ever in this election cycle.

“Forty years ago, I cast my first vote for president, voting Republican that day like I would do time and again. I haven't just voted Republican, I worked in President Reagan's White House. I recently led an effort to place a statue of Ronald Reagan in California's Capitol. I'm here tonight to say: I knew Ronald Reagan; I worked for Ronald Reagan. Donald Trump, you are no Ronald Reagan.” - Doug Elmets

In a short respite from the evening’s growing momentum, Jennifer Loudon, wife of slain Chicago Police Officer Thor Soderberg, recounted an anecdote involving her late husband that caused many in the Wells Fargo Center to go into tears.

“My husband and best friend, Thor Soderberg, joined the Chicago Police to help people. Once, he got a call about a boy who had stolen a belt. The boy only had a rope to keep his pants up. Thor negotiated, and the charges were dropped. He also paid for the belt. He did not want the boy to start his life with a record.” – Jennifer Loudon

Another emotionally-charged speech was delivered by Khizr Khan, an immigrant from the United Arab Emirates and the father of Humayun Khan, an Army Captain who was killed in the line of duty in Iraq. After recounting the bravery, patriotism and dreams of his son, the grief-stricken Khan proceeded to lambast Mr. Trump over his multiple negative comments about Muslim immigrants and the community as a whole. Two lines from his speech became an instant national talking point. The first, “Have you even read the U.S. Constitution?” was a reference to Mr. Trump’s extra-constitutional remarks about Muslim immigration. The second, “You have sacrificed nothing and no one,” was a stark reminder of the sacrifices of Humayun Khan.

“Donald Trump, you are asking Americans to trust you with our future. Let me ask you: Have you even read the U.S. Constitution? I will gladly lend you my copy. In this document, look for the words "liberty" and "equal protection of law. Have you ever been to Arlington Cemetery? Go look at the graves of the brave patriots who died defending America — you will see all faiths, genders, and ethnicities. You have sacrificed nothing and no one.” – Khizr Kahn

Actress Chloe Grace Moretz and superstar Katy Perry will probably generate the most attention in the social media, though it’s hard to tell whether their pleas for young voters to participate in November’s election will be heeded.

“Both my parents are pastors and staunch Republicans. I didn't finish high school. Unfortunately, I don't have a formal education. But I do have an open mind. And I have a voice. I'm asking you to have an open mind. And to use your voice. Because on November 8th, you'll be just as powerful as any NRA lobbyist. You'll have as much say as any billionaire. Or you can cancel out your weird cousin's vote.” – Katy Perry

One of the two keynote speakers of the day, Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio (who was reportedly the second pick for Secretary Clinton’s running mate), zoomed in on trade policies, manufacturing and the working class as he laid out a convincing case why Donald Trump is not a defender of middle class America and local manufacturing.

“Now Donald Trump believes “wages are too high”. Those are his words. Too high? And he wants to be President? How do you help Americans build better lives for their families when you outsource jobs? This suit I'm wearing, made by union workers ten miles from my Cleveland home in Brooklyn, Ohio. Trump suits? Made in Mexico. Trump glassware? Made in Europe, not Toledo, America's glass city. Trump furniture? Made in Turkey, not Archbold, Ohio. Donald Trump's hat may be stamped with "Make America Great Again," but his ties are stamped "Made in China. Now, I've been fighting for a trade agenda for more than 20 years that puts American workers first. And I can tell you, in all those years, I've never even seen Donald Trump. No – the only thing I've seen Donald Trump do when it comes to U.S. trade policy is run his mouth and line his pockets. – Sherrod Brown

After a sweet and intimate speech by Chelsea Clinton (who just gave birth to her second child five weeks ago) and an inspiring introduction video, it was finally time for Secretary Clinton’s acceptance speech.

Dressed in an all-white suit, Hillary Clinton spoke of her dreams and aspirations, of her past and future, and of her mother, daughter and husband. Aside from a quick segue to thank her primary rival Senator Bernie Sanders, Secretary Clinton spent about an hour outlining her vision and plans for America. Midway into her speech, Secretary Clinton finally said the words that everyone had been waiting for: “It is with humility, determination and boundless confidence in America’s promise that I accept your nomination for President of the United States.”

And not long after, there were balloons - thousands and thousands of balloons as Katy Perry’s Fireworks blared in the background.

Top Five Quotes From Hillary Clinton’s Acceptance Speech

• “A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons.”
• “Bill, that conversation we started in a law library 45 years ago, it is still going strong. You know that conversation has lasted through good times that've filled us with joy and hard times that have tested us, and I've even gotten some words in along the way.”
• “And most of all, don't believe anyone who says, ‘I alone can fix it’.”
• “After all, when there are no ceilings, the sky’s the limit.”
• “And I want to thank Bernie Sanders. Bernie, your campaign inspired millions of Americans, particularly the young people who threw their hearts and souls into our primary. You've put economic and social justice issues front and center, where they belong. And to all of your supporters here and around the country: I want you to know, I've heard you. Your cause is our cause.”

Democratic National Convention Day 4 Full Video

Democratic Convention Speeches, Thursday, July 28th, 2016

Kareem Abdul-Jabaar,  NBA Hall of Famer
Raumesh Akbari,  State Representative from Tennessee
John Allen,  General and former Commander (ret. USMC)
Tammy Baldwin,  U.S. Senator from Wisconsin
Reverend William Barber,  Minister & Activist
Joyce Beatty,  Congresswoman from Ohio
Xavier Becerra,  Congressman from California
Barbara Boxer,  U.S. Senator from California
Sherrod Brown,  Senator from Ohio
Maria Cantwell,  U.S. Senator from Washington
Joaquin Castro,  Congressman from Texas
Emanuel Cleaver,  U.S. Representative from Missouri
Chelsea Clinton,  daughter of Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton,  2016 Democratic Presidential Nominee
James Clyburn,  Congressman from South Carolina
Andrew Cuomo,  Governor of New York
Ted Danson & Mary Steenburgen,  Actor and Actress
Mark Dayton,  Governor from Minnesota
Ted Deutch,  U.S. Representative from Florida
DNC Video,  Hillary Clinton
Tammy Duckworth,  U.S. Representative from Illinois
Crisanta Duran,  Majority Leader State Representative from Colorado
Doug Elmets,  Former Reagan Administration official
Cameron Esposito,  comedian presents tax video
Peggy Flanagan,  State Representative from Minnesota
Eric Garcetti,  Mayor of Los Angeles
Kirsten Gillibrand,  U.S. Senator from New York
Chloe Grace Moretz,  Actress
Jennifer Granholm,  Former Governor from Michigan
Chad Griffin,  President of the Human Rights Campaign
Florent Groberg,  Retired U.S. Army Captain and recipient of the Medal of Honor
Jaime Harrison,  Democratic State Party Chair from South Carolina
John Hickenlooper,  Governor from Colorado
Mazie Hirono,  U.S. Senator from Hawaii
Dolores Huerta,  Labor leader and civil rights activist
Henrietta Ivey,  home care worker who is helping to lead the Fight for $15
Gene Karpinski,  League of Conservation Voters President
Khizr Khan,  father of Humayun Khan, a University of Virginia graduate and one of 14 American Muslims who died serving the United States
Ruben Kihuen,  State Senator from Nevada
Amy Klobuchar,  Senator from Minnesota
Ted Lieu,  Congressman from California
Jennifer Pierotti Lim,  Co-Founder of Republican Women for Hillary & Director of Health Policy, U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Jennifer Loudon,  Widow of slain Chicago police Officer Thor Soderberg
Sean Patrick Maloney,  Congressman from New York
Sean Patrick Maloney & Sarah McBride,  LGBT rights activists
Marlon Marshall,  Director of States and Political Engagement, Hillary for America
Beth Mathias,  works two jobs and her husband works the nightshift at a factory in Ohio
Claire McCaskill,  U.S. Senator from Missouri
Katie McGinty,  Former state and federal environmental policy official
Barbara Mikulski,  U.S. Senator from Maryland
Gwen Moore,  Congresswoman from Wisconsin
Patty Murray,  U.S. Senator from Washington
Michael Nutter,  Mayor of Philadelphia
Barbara Owens & Wayne Owens,  Family members of a fallen law enforcement officer
Nancy Pelosi,  Minority Leader of the U.S House of Representatives
Katy Perry,  Singer-singwriter
Lorella Praeli,  Latino Outreach Director, Hillary for America
Cedric Richmond,  U.S. Representative from Louisiana
Tim Ryan,  U.S. Representative from Ohio
Bakari Sellers,  Former State Representative from South Carolina
Jeanne Shaheen,  U.S. Senator from New Hampshire
Lupe Valdez,   Sheriff of Dallas County, Texas
Antonio Villaraigosa,  Former Mayor of Los Angeles
Jensen Walcott & Jake Reed,  a pizza restaurant worker fired for asking her boss why she was paid 25 cents less than her male co-worker and friend, Jake
Wayne Walker,  Family member of fallen law enforcement officer
Elizabeth Warren,  U.S. Senator from Massachusetts
Dave Wills,  8th grade social studies teacher from Guilford County, NC
Tom Wolf,  Governor of Pennsylvania
All 2016 Democratic Convention Speakers


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 Convention Speeches Day 4
Kareem Abdul-Jabaar
Raumesh Akbari
John Allen
Tammy Baldwin
Reverend William Barber
Joyce Beatty
Xavier Becerra
Barbara Boxer
Sherrod Brown
Maria Cantwell
Joaquin Castro
Emanuel Cleaver
Chelsea Clinton
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James Clyburn
Andrew Cuomo
Ted Danson & Mary Steenburgen
Mark Dayton
Ted Deutch
DNC Video
Tammy Duckworth
Crisanta Duran
Doug Elmets
Cameron Esposito
Peggy Flanagan
Eric Garcetti
Kirsten Gillibrand
Chloe Grace Moretz
Jennifer Granholm
Chad Griffin
Florent Groberg
Jaime Harrison
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Dolores Huerta
Henrietta Ivey
Gene Karpinski
Khizr Khan
Ruben Kihuen
Amy Klobuchar
Ted Lieu
Jennifer Pierotti Lim
Jennifer Loudon
Sean Patrick Maloney
Sean Patrick Maloney & Sarah McBride
Marlon Marshall
Beth Mathias
Claire McCaskill
Katie McGinty
Barbara Mikulski
Gwen Moore
Patty Murray
Michael Nutter
Barbara Owens & Wayne Owens
Nancy Pelosi
Katy Perry
Lorella Praeli
Cedric Richmond
Tim Ryan
Bakari Sellers
Jeanne Shaheen
Lupe Valdez
Antonio Villaraigosa
Jensen Walcott & Jake Reed
Wayne Walker
Elizabeth Warren
Dave Wills
Tom Wolf
All 2016 Democratic Convention Speakers
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